Heating smarter can be both cost effective and green.

This can be accomplished by zone heating. Zone heating is more efficient than central heat, even if yours is a modern and efficient system, because it can cut down on heat loss inherent in central heating systems. That means big savings on heating your home, we are talking anywhere from 20% to 40%. That′s serious money off your heating bill without sacrificing comfort. Help both your wallet and the environment at the same time. How′s that for being green!

Why should you heat the entire house to the same temperature, including rooms you are not using?

That would be like turning on all the lights in your home while using only one room. That is both a wasteful and expensive proposition. Applying this logic to heating your home illustrates exactly how you can save money. We are talking about control over your heat with a green zone system that is more efficient and responsive to your comfort. We can help you save money by selecting the proper green heating device that suits your home and life style. In doing so you can maintain a comfortable temperature in the area of your home you use the most without wasting energy.

Let us further explain how these concepts will benefit you.
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