Why won’t my pellet stove light?
Why won’t my wood stove insert blower come on?
Where is my wood stove glass black and soot covered?
Why won’t my gas remote work? I already changed the batteries.
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Occasionally your stove or insert will require some type of periodic maintenance. The staff at Blazing Hot Stoves are dedicated hearth professionals committed to keeping your family warm for years to come. We offer only the top heating brands such as Jotul, RSF, Harman and Heatilator resulting in products with the highest quality and value for your money as well as trouble-free service you require. We always offer free phone and e-mail support, as well as step-by-step “how to” articles designed to help keep you going should you have a problem. We also offer maintenance packages and in-home service for the brands we sell. Should you not be able to reach us, or if you have a simple problem you want to troubleshoot yourself, check our website and blog for answers or consider some of quick fixes below for some of our most frequently called in problems.

Why won’t my pellet stove light?

This is the most popular problem phoned in by far. If you encounter this problem, we recommend that you start with a thorough cleaning before you call. Also, consider the below pointers…

  • How many blinks are you getting on the status light? See owner’s manual or call to interpret.
  • Is there fuel in the stove and are all the doors and hopper shut tightly? If yes, then see below.
  • Is fuel in the pot and is it hot to the touch? If yes, then thoroughly clean burn pot and try again. No? Check igniter or set up service call.
  • Is the combustion fan coming on when you turn on stove? If no, check fan connection, also make sure fan is not plugged with debris or set up service call.
  • Is the auger turning/feeding fuel? If no, make sure doors and hopper shut tightly and all gaskets are intact and no pellets are stuck in the hopper door gasketing. Is combustion fan on?

Why won’t my wood stove insert blower come on?

  • Locate the snap switch that controls the blower. Is it connected?
  • Is there to much ash in the bottom of the stove? If so, clean out ash and try again.

Why is my wood stove glass black and soot covered?

  • Is your fuel dry? No, I mean really dry??? Did you test it? Try some of our EnviBlock wood to compare.
  • Inspect gaskets; are there any leaks in your gasket system causing the stove to not burn properly?
  • Do you smell smoke while burning? If so, safely extinguish fire and have chimney system inspected.

Why won’t my gas remote work? I already changed the batteries!

  • Did you reinstall the batteries properly?
  • Are the fresh batteries or are they from Job Lots?
  • Did you change the receiver batteries? They are located in the receiver, inside of a cartridge as shown in the below photo of this Jotul gas stove remote. You simply push it in and it will spring open.

Step-by-Step Articles
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