Blazing Hot Stoves, How and When To Clean Your Pellet Stove

Pellet stove cleaning is one of those chores most of us stove owners would rather put off until the fall. I thought I would try to change your mind, because spring time is actually the best time to clean you pellet stove. Whether you are doing it yourself or having it done by a pro, you can be sure that when you need your stove it will be ready to go for you.  If your having the stove cleaned professionally you should schedule now to beat the bottle neck that occurs in late summer and fall.  There are many other good reasons to get a jump on this project now.  For example, if you are the DIY type and need some advise, you will have better access to your local stove shops expertise now.  Also, if you need repair parts, you can avoid back order situations that could leave you in the cold later.  Plus, there is just the satisfaction of knowing that it is off the to do list.

So lets get started. If you choose to tackle it yourself, the first thing you should do is read your owners manual and understand the maintenance procedure as described by the manufacturer.  Remember, don’t be intimidated if it seems to complicated because there are lots of places to get help should you be confused by the manual. The preparation is probably the most important phase of the job and a little extra effort here can pay off big when you begin the task.  Your local stove shop is probably your best place for accurate advice.  The manufacturers web site may also offer additional info as well.  YouTube is another great resource for visual aid on pellet stove cleaning.  As a service to our valued customers we are compiling a library of cleaning articles for you to use.   Follow this link to the maintenance section of our web page.

Now, hopefully you have a good idea of what you need to do and  all you need now is some common sense and the right equipment.  Some basics are listed below.

1. A shop vac with a good filter 

2. Dust mask and drop cloth

3. Chimney brush as well as any specialty brushes from the manufacturer

 4. A scraper and an old paint brush for detail work

5. Drop Light

6.  Replacement gaskets (if one tears you’ll be able to complete the job without interruption)  

Some cleaning basics common to all pellet stoves are a thorough inspection, vacuuming and dusting of the stove as well as a inspection and sweeping of the chimney.  In addition, the exhaust blower and chamber should be accessed and cleaned.  Don’t forget the circulation blower either.  That can get packed with dust and dander and should be cleaned and dusted at least once a year if not more often.  Inspect all pellet stove systems for obvious damage and make sure all the wiring is secured properly with no melted insulation.  Most importantly, you must also identify and clean any ash traps and air journals specific to your stove model.  Remember, there are many different styles out there so this is where your research and homework will pay off as well as those specialty tools.  If you don’t identify and clean the tight spots, it will be as if your pellet stove was never cleaned.  The small details will make sure your job is thorough and correct.  Once finished, you should replace all worn gaskets and reassemble the stove.  All that’s required now is a test fire.

When in doubt call, a pro who can guarantee his work and be wary of the low ball pricing!!!  You could end up with someone who only performs a dusting of your stove and doesn’t go as deep into the pellet stove as he should, leading to a failure during heating season.  That person may only be looking for a way into your home to up sell you on other lucrative work such as chimney repair.  Thanks for reading and enjoy.  Be sure to check out our web site and if you have any questions or comments, let us know.

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